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Select through one of our treatments that is suitable for you and see the immediate and positive results. A healing approach to a total well- being at SevenSantaMaria.
• Due to increased demand a booking in advance is recommended.

  • Reiki
  • Thai Massage
  • Ayurvedic shirodhara massage
  • Ayurvedic Full Body Oil Massage
  • Neo CranioSacral Therapy
  • Color Therapy ¨Aura-Soma¨

It is a relaxing but at the same time invigorating massage, as it combines soft pressures along energy lines with passive stretches which release the body from muscular tensions. They activate blood and lymph circulation, they detoxify the tissues all the while improving the elasticity and flexibility of the body. Among other things, it improves the function of the neural and circulatory systems, it cures injuries and muscle pains reconnecting the energies of body, spirit and mind.
Duration of session: 90 mins.

Extract oils are applied on the area of the third eye(forehead) for 20-30 mins alternating warm and cold for complete relaxation and energizing of the circulation and bio-energy.
Massaging of the head, neck and shoulder area follows .It is recommended for release from stress, worry ,anxiety, headaches, migraines insomnia and hair-loss.
Duration of session: 60 mins.

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Mollification and pressure-therapy from head to toes, directly on the skin, on the muscular system, the internal organs and meridians with the use of healing oils and herbs depending on the ayurvedic body-type(dosha).It offers relaxation, relief and healing fro stiffness and pain while it activates the release of the body from accumulated toxins.
Duration of session:60 mins.

Is an autonomous and non-intrusive treatment which deals with the traumas that have been stored in the body, whether psychological or physical with the aim of purging the body of them. It is based on osteopathy and mainly on the craniosacral rhythm which is created by the drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid to the central neural system through the meninges. When this rhythm stops, the body gets in a self-healing process.
Through the therapeutic dialogue and relaxation the patient has the possibility to realize the causes of the tensions existing in his-her body and choose the path of his-her healing.
The craniosacral treatment is recommended for all physical, psychological and mental illnesses.
Duration of session: 60-90 mins.

Aura-soma is a non-interfering supportive therapy that combines the power of herbal and floral oil essences and healing crystals with aromatherapy and color therapy within a bottle.
It acts on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body bringing a new level of balance and harmony to our energy field. It manages the development of our personal potential. It connects us to our being and internal wisdom, while it allows the expression of our true feelings and the connection to our internal peace.
It provides the solution, through the use of systemic representation, to issues concerning us by helping us choose the right direction on our personal development path.
The color choice is an opening of the soul to the interested part….A system of consciousness for the unconscious knowledge the colors bring inside us.
Duration of session:60-90 mins.